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Accelerated Cash Flow by Providing Sales Visibility into A/R

“By integrating and Quickbooks on the AtomSphere platform, we are able to drive sales by enabling visibility into the complete order-to-cash process and accelerate Billing and A/R to get cash in the door faster.” — Phillip Crow, Director, Corporate Finance

Buxton wanted to maximize the value of their existing Salesforce CRM by integrating it with their financial system, QuickBooks. They implemented a new Sales compensation program based on cash-in and realized that this data was “stuck” in their accounting software and they were unable to report cash in via to sales managers nor the executive management team. They desired an integration solution that required no ongoing maintenance as their internal IT resources are dedicated to projects core to their business.


Buxton engaged Strategic Growth, an on-demand management consulting firm, to build and deploy an integration process between and QuickBooks. Strategic Growth recommended that Buxton use Boomi’s integration platform, AtomSphere, in order to accommodate their unique business requirements and custom fields.

Buxton now has an automated bi-directional sync of data between Salesforce and QuickBooks. Invoices are created in Salesforce from the Opportunity via a custom object in Salesforce “invoices” with the child object “payment object.” When the status of that field changes, the invoice is duplicated in QuickBooks and when payment from the client is received, that data is input directly into QuickBooks and Boomi looks for new payments to apply to Salesforce.

Ongoing, Buxton has elected Boomi’s Process Monitoring Service in order to ensure that the integration processes are healthy and error-free. Instead of burdening their internal staff, they have outsourced the service to Boomi’s team of integration experts who actively monitor their processes.

Buxton has experienced numerous benefits following the implementation of AtomSphere, including:

  • Ability to report on cash flow, A/R, and sales compensation in Salesforce
  • Transparency throughout the organization
  • Drive additional sales by enabling visibility into the complete order-to-cash process
  • Accelerate cash flow by involving sales in the A/R and billing process

About Buxton

Founded in 1994, Buxton is a pioneer in the use of customer data to develop successful growth and business strategies. Today, Buxton is the industry leader in market planning and marketing services for retail stores and restaurants, healthcare organizations, consumer packaged goods companies, and government and municipalities.

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