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CRM contacts to New Accounts in SaaS Application

“One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced as a SaaS vendor is the perception that integrating a SaaS offering with other applications is complex and costly... with Boomi things just got a whole lot easier.”

Innotas was manually integrating data from Salesforce to Innotas and needed an easy, automated way to integrate account data and won opportunities from Salesforce for use in Innotas. Building integration infrastructure from Innotas’ Web Services API to the Salesforce API would have been costly and time-consuming.


Using AtomSphere, Innotas and Salesforce were integrated in less than 5 days. Account data in Salesforce was synched with that in Innotas for real time, accurate reporting and data consistency. In addition, Won Opportunities in Salesforce are automatically converted to new projects and programs in Innotas. Resulting business impacts included the elimination of error-prone, manual data entry and minimal IT resources necessary to manage and maintain the integration processes.

About Innotas

Innotas provides the only on-demand Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution specifically designed to meet the needs of IT and IT Services organizations. With Innotas, managers and team members improve collaboration and can more effectively and efficiently manage IT initiatives, projects, and resources. For CIOs and executives, Innotas delivers deep visibility, automation, and analysis of the project portfolio, and resource planning and utilization.

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