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Standardizing Back-Office Application Integrations with Minimal IT Support

“We were able to focus on my company’s unique business processes and requirements. As a result, we spent 75% of our implementation project time on design and testing and only 25% on development.” — Amrith Nambiar, Director, Business Applications

Amrith Nambiar, Mindjet’s Director of Business Applications, was tasked with standardizing of the company’s back-office application integrations, while minimizing on-going technical support—specifically not adding any technical headcount. Mindjet was using NetSuite for financials and billing, and planned to implement for CRM and Support. While the immediate integration need was to connect and NetSuite, Mindjet wanted an integration platform that could integrate all their back and front office systems. Amrith also needed to prepare for future Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements and the need to scale to accommodate the company’s rapid growth.

As Mindjet is a cloud-based software development company, they had talent in-house to custom code the integrations. However, that option would require pulling internal resources from critical projects core to their own solutions.


Mindjet evaluated several Integration as a Service (IaaS) providers. Boomi was the clear choice due to their “pure cloud” approach which does not require coding or appliances.

They decided to include Boomi AtomSphere in their implementation of Salesforce CRM & Support in order to integrate it with NetSuite. This integration project included a bi-directional integration of their price book, opportunities and customer data/orders between Salesforce and NetSuite. Mindjet selected one of Boomi’s System Integration partners, WDCi, to support them in their implementation of the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce.

Results include:

  • Rapid Implementation: Implementation of both Salesforce and Boomi was completed in two phases over a period of only 5 weeks, primarily due to the expertise of WDCi and the ease of building integrations on Boomi AtomSphere.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: By working jointly with WDCi, Amrith utilized no internal engineering resources, while learning how to maintain the integration going forward.
  • Governance: By utilizing Boomi’s centralized management and data auditing capabilities, Amrith can develop an integration governance model to meet future compliance reporting requirements.
  • Scalability: Mindjet is confident that they will be able to scale infinitely to meet the needs of their growing customer base and have near-term plans to expand their integration to connect NetSuite to their Oracle data warehouse and to their e-commerce website.

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Mindjet builds industry-leading software and cloud-based applications that help users organize and act upon ideas, information and resources to solve business problems and collaborate more effectively. Mindjet provides productivity applications and collaboration services centered around visual mind mapping capabilities, as well as purpose-built applications that incorporate Mindjet’s innovative visualization technology to improve the usability of Microsoft® SharePoint® and® systems. So, whether the challenge is better managing projects, collaborating on a strategic plan, conducting an online meeting, analyzing information across multiple SharePoint sites, or creating sales strategies, Mindjet provides an intuitive visual framework to help users get more done more quickly.

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