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  • API management capabilities enhance real-time application integration and enterprise-grade performance
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers embed, extend and deploy integration processes quickly
  • Global System Integrators (GSIs) rapidly deploy custom vertical integration services

ROUND ROCK, Texas, May 7, 2013 – Dell Software today announced the Summer ‘13 release of Dell Boomi AtomSphere®, expanding the capabilities of the industry’s largest cloud integration* Platform-as-a Service (iPaaS) to include API management capabilities, support for Integration Packs and process libraries.

Today’s cloud megatrend continues to skyrocket with an estimated $209 billion to be spent on cloud services by 2016¹. Additionally, we’re witnessing the end of middleware as we know it. Gartner forecasts traditional application infrastructure and middleware will grow at only 8 percent through 2016, while during that same timeframe investments in cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) will reach 35 percent².

“Strong demand by business leaders for real-time, cloud-based services is forcing software developers to rethink legacy ETL integration in light of the real-time integration of cloud, social, mobile and machine-to-machine solutions with existing mission-critical applications,” said Chris McNabb, general manager, Dell Boomi. “Our customers, both IT managers and service providers, are deploying web services of growing complexity with higher performance requirements, requiring more functionality to effectively manage them. Dell Boomi API Management brings forth the means to rapidly and effectively create, secure, monitor, measure and scale these new services.”

API Management for Today’s Real-Time Business
According to a recent report by Paolo Malinverno, Research VP, Gartner, “API management offerings have been maturing in the market for at least five years, but it is only in the last two years that usage has really ramped up, and these offerings are generally cloud-based.”³

As competitors scramble to acquire this expertise, Dell Boomi has been building out its capabilities related to SOA and API management based on customer needs. On this path, Dell Boomi’s API management includes the ability to monitor, measure, secure, throttle and scale published APIs. This allows customers the necessary visibility and control to manage and administer the suite of APIs & web services as they grow and scale out. These API management capabilities also help mitigate risk of system overload due to data volume and protection against denial-of-service attacks. Traffic flow throttling and IP address filtering further support predictable quality of service so web service SLAs can be met consistently.

Enabling Fast Integration for ISVs and SaaS Vendors
Dell Boomi also announced the immediate availability of Integration Packs for ISVs and SaaS providers that remove integration as an obstacle during the sales cycle. Integration Packs provide a flexible, efficient and centralized mechanism to embed integrations into software products. SaaS providers can now utilize a “change once, deploy everywhere” feature to efficiently manage integrations for their customers from a central location and with a single change. ISVs leverage integrations that are used repeatedly, eliminating expensive and time-consuming individual client updates and improving the overall customer experience.

Empowering System Integrators to Quickly Deliver Vertical Specific Integration Services
Process libraries make it possible for system integrators to easily capture business best practices and unique intellectual property in a process template that can be reused across multiple clients. Because of the unique “sub-tenancy” structure of AtomSphere’s environment, deployment of the processes in a library can be accomplished in minutes, allowing GSIs to build custom services on top of Dell Boomi with accelerated time-to-value.

About Dell Boomi
Dell Boomi AtomSphere® and Dell Boomi Master Data Management solutions enable customers to connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration solutions. Visit for more information.

About Dell Information Management
Dell Software’s Information Management tool suite makes it possible for businesses to simplify complex data environments and unlock the power of information. Supported by one of the industry’s largest user communities, Dell’s one vendor – one tool chain – all data approach enables organizations to more easily manage, integrate and analyze data to inform business decisions, increase innovation and drive new revenue streams.

About Dell
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