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Boomi On Demand Makes SaaS Integration Affordable for Small Businesses

BERWYN and MALVERN, Pa. - (05/21/2008) Boomi, the market and technology leader for on-demand integration, today announced a partnership with CRM manager to greatly simplify and accelerate the integration aspects of implementation projects. CRM manager, a provider of full-service implementation and ongoing consulting services for clients, is now using Boomi On DemandSM for integrating with other software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise applications. In addition, CRM manager is using Boomi On Demand to integrate its own financial applications with

Boomi On Demand removes the integration barrier to SaaS adoption, providing customers with a powerful solution that comes at a fraction of the price of traditional integration software. Boomi On Demand is a SaaS application itself, and integrations are built and deployed on the Web with drag-and-drop ease. It does not require software packages or hardware appliances.

"With our strong understanding of the solution and associated applications and our team's business and technical expertise, we are able to solve our clients' CRM challenges quickly and affordably," said Andy Atkins, founder and managing partner of CRM manager. "Boomi On Demand offers the price point and ease-of-use that our clients require to make integration a reality. They also offer a truly unique offering in the integration market. Integrating SaaS applications has historically been a significant challenge, but now companies can use Boomi On Demand to easily and cost-effectively create connections."

Boomi On Demand is the industry's only fully on-demand integration solution delivering immediate integration services without the need for hardware appliances, software packages or coding. For consultants like CRM manager, Boomi On Demand also provides centralized management of all their customers. They can build, deploy and manage their customers' integrations directly from the Web, eliminating the need to visit or "remote into" customer sites and allowing them to scale their support exponentially as their business expands and their customer base grows. CRM manager will resell Boomi On Demand through its consulting and support program that manages customers' applications.

"Our partners are realizing the significant benefits that delivering integration on demand can bring their customers," explained Bob Moul, Boomi's president and CEO. "Since a majority of our on-demand growth will be through the partner community, we've been actively building our channel partnerships. This includes working with industry leaders like CRM manager and also hiring a West Coast partner executive to support and cultivate these relationships."

Boomi is the only integration offering that delivers a true SaaS application for business integration, based on its Visual Integration TechnologySM. With Boomi On Demand, users can securely build, deploy and manage integrations using only a Web browser. No coding is required.

Once integration processes are built, they are deployed via a lightweight, dynamic runtime engine called an "Atom SM." Built with patent-pending technology, Boomi Atoms contain all the components required to execute an integration process from end-to-end including connectors, transformation rules, decision handling and processing logic. Boomi Atoms are completely self-contained and autonomous and can be run on virtually any server. They can be hosted for SaaS-to-SaaS integration or downloaded behind a company's firewall for SaaS to on premise integration. A comprehensive dashboard allows users to monitor the status and health of all Atoms and integration processes whether they are hosted or downloaded.

About CRM Manager

CRM manager, a full service implementation and consulting partner, helps clients maximize the functionality of this award-winning application. CRM manager is the leading consulting practice in the Mid-Atlantic Region and offers its clients complete configuration, analytics, integration, education and on-going consulting services. Some of CRM manager's clients include: Baldwin (a Black & Decker Company), Ecount, Food Sciences Corporation, Health Market Science, Mack Truck, Main Line Health, MEDecision, MedRisk, NCO Group, Select Greater Philadelphia, Solstice and Westinghouse Lighting Solutions. For more information on CRM manager, visit

About Boomi:

Boomi improves the efficiency and effectiveness of small and mid-sized businesses by enabling application, B2B and data integration in one comprehensive, simple-to-use product which can be deployed on site or on demand. Boomi's unique visual integration approach allows users to design and build powerful configurations to handle a broad range of integration needs with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease. Boomi's integration projects are up and running in days, not weeks or months, and do not require any programming resources. Backed by its extraordinary support services, customers quickly see the benefit of their investment in Boomi. For more information about Boomi, visit