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Third-Party Logistics Company Integrates Hosted Warehouse Management System with Trading Partners to Speed the Receipt, Confirmation and Fulfillment of Orders

Berwyn, Pa - (06/26/2007) Boomi, a leader in business integration software for small and mid-market companies, today announced Technipak has deployed the Boomi Visual Integration Platform™ to help the company more effectively serve its customers. Technipak is a third party logistics company that services clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small manufacturers and importers. Technipak selected and deployed Boomi's integration platform to create direct connections with its largest customers and make it easier to receive orders and send shipping confirmations to clients.

Technipak has multiple warehouse sites in Tennessee and Colorado that serve as the distribution centers for numerous retailers, most of which focus on consumer direct shipping (e.g. consumers or retailers ordering goods through the internet or over the phone). To make it as easy as possible for clients to submit orders to Technipak, and for Technipak to be able to track the orders in their hosted warehouse management system (WMS), Technipak decided to implement an integration offering that allows orders to flow directly from partners' ordering applications into Technipak's WMS.

"We wanted to get customer order information directly into our systems as quickly as possible. This allows us to ship orders quickly and avoid mistakes caused by manually keying in orders," said Jeff Mosher, vice president of operations for Technipak. "Having information input directly into our WMS system provides significant benefits for our customers and for us. Because the Boomi offering can integrate with almost any packaged or custom application, we can handle anything our clients throw at us. By making it easy to do business with Technipak, we're attracting and winning new business."

Technipak wanted to be able to control integrations in house. They had been outsourcing integration through IT providers, which was expensive and took too much time. But with a small IT staff, Technipak needed to be conscious of the amount of time it would take to set up, use and maintain the system.

"We needed a better way to connect to customers. We couldn't afford to select software that required significant programming efforts. We wouldn't have had the manpower to handle that, and we definitely didn't want to foot the bill for a consulting engagement to get it set up," continued Mosher. "After asking around, we came across Boomi. When we saw the demo, I knew that even though I'm not a programmer, I'd be able to set up and maintain integrations easily. This was validated when we spoke to one of our largest customers who also uses Boomi, and they had great things to say about the product, the company, and importantly, about its ease of use."

Technipak selected the Boomi Visual Integration Platform in January 2007, and the offering was deployed in two weeks. Today Technipak's five largest clients are live on Boomi, and the system is used to process approximately 11,000 orders per month.

As a result of the Boomi deployment, Technipak can support its clients better then ever. When the company signs up a new customer, the Technipak IT team can say, "Send us whatever order format you want and we can make it work." That is a huge differentiator for Technipak in the market. It can process orders that come in through EDI, flat files over FTP, HTTP, XML, SMTP and other standards.

"It's incredibly rewarding to move a customer from product selection into deployment," commented Rick Nucci, chief technology officer for Boomi. "Integration plays such a critical role in successful business processes, and it's exciting to see customers further their successes by deploying affordable, easy-to-use integration. Technipak was looking to further improve customer responsiveness through integration, and they've achieved exactly that."

About Boomi:

Boomi improves the efficiency and effectiveness of small and mid-sized businesses by enabling B2B, application and data integration in one easy-to-deploy, simple-to-use product. Boomi's unique visual integration approach allows users to design and build powerful configurations to handle a broad range of integration needs with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease. Boomi's integration projects are up and running in weeks, not months, and do not require any programming resources. Backed by its extraordinary support services, customers quickly see the benefit of their investment in Boomi. For more information about Boomi, visit