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One of the Largest Home Furniture Retailers in the U.S. Deploys the Boomi Integration Platform to Perform B2B and Application Integration

Berwyn, PA - (03/13/2007)Boomi, a leader in business integration software for small and mid-market companies, today announced that W.S. Badcock has selected the Boomi Integration Platform to meet the company's integration software needs. W.S. Badcock is deploying the offering to connect directly to its network of business partners while also connecting multiple systems within the company itself.

W.S. Badcock Corporation is one of the largest home furniture retailers in the United States. Founded in 1904, Badcock is headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, and employs more than 1,200 corporate employees. The company has more than 320 stores in eight states, and offers customers a full range of furniture, bedding, appliances, electronics, accessories and floor coverings.

W.S. Badcock began working with Boomi in October 2006 when the retailer decided to make an e-commerce push. It wanted to be able to effectively do business with its trading partners over the Internet. This would provide the company with numerous benefits, including: increased order accuracy; a reduction in the time required to manually key in and track orders; and better supply chain visibility.

"After we'd decided that integration software was the next logical business step, we began the vendor search. After seeing the Boomi demo and evaluating the cost and value of the offering versus our needs, it was an easy selection," said Bill Trimble, CIO for W.S. Badcock. "We needed to set up quick EDI connections to our partners without any heavy lifting. In addition, Boomi will continue to deliver value if our customers begin to require other types of electronic connections. And as icing on the cake, we can also integrate numerous internal systems, allowing us to improve our internal business processes."

Before deploying the Boomi Integration Platform, W.S. Badcock conducted business with its trading partners by mailing and faxing purchase orders. Now Boomi pulls order information from multiple W.S. Badcock applications, including the inventory management system, and Boomi translates the purchase orders into EDI 850 documents. The Boomi platform sends the documents through the Internet directly into the systems of W.S. Badcock's trading partners. Not only does this save considerable effort for W.S. Badcock, it also reduces the administrative workload for the company's partners.

As the first step in the deployment, W.S. Badcock is focusing on connecting to its trading partners, beginning with the 15 that account for 80% of the company's international furniture volume. Once finished setting up these connections, the company will then set up the connections for the rest of its hundreds of partners. Upon completing its business-to-business (B2B) connections for processing purchase orders, they will then automate invoicing, advanced ship notices and other supply chain processes. And in addition to collaborating with trading partners online, W.S. Badcock can integrate its banking function into the ordering process to ensure all transactions are properly financed.

"Building out the framework for e-commerce is critical to our long term success. By working with Boomi, we've dramatically sped the process. In three months working with Boomi, we've accomplished what would have taken a year or more using our legacy environment," commented Luis Rivera, director of IT/business solution group. "It's been very fast and smooth, and working with the Boomi team has been a positive experience. They've been responsive to our needs and are knowledgeable about the technical issues we face."

Ron Mallory, W.S. Badcock's e-commerce project manager, added that, "The Boomi Integration Platform is a key component of our B2B solution. Boomi provides a solid technical foundation to quickly and accurately implement an integration purchase order solution with our business partners."

W.S. Badcock represents a growing trend in Boomi's customer base. "We're seeing an increasing number of companies that have B2B integration needs but want a platform that can expand to meet both their internal and external integration requirements," said Rick Nucci, CTO for Boomi. "Our goal is to make integration as simple as possible for W.S. Badcock so they can focus on more important matters most – running their business."

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