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45-day Offer Provides Customers with Option to Upgrade to a Next-Generation EDI Solution

BERWYN, Pa. - (08/08/2006) Boomi Software, a leading integration software vendor exclusively serving the mid market, today announced an upgrade program for existing Gentran users to switch to the Boomi Integration Platform – for free. Gentran users will receive the free Boomi Integration Platform and will only be responsible for paying Boomi the monthly maintenance fees they had previously paid Sterling Commerce as well as associated migration fees.

"In the past year, numerous companies switched from Gentran to the Boomi Integration Platform. They purchased our software, migration services and support – and they're still paying significantly less than what they paid Sterling Commerce. They've also told us they're now getting a better product with better support," said Rick Nucci, chief technology officer for Boomi Software. "Gentran users are currently facing another upgrade with its associated expenses. Now's the logical time to make a switch. Once Gentran users see our product, it'll be an easy choice to upgrade to the Boomi Integration Platform."

Boomi's offer will extend until September 22, 2006. It will help customers deal with the concerns of:

  • "Sunsetting" product support
  • Unexpected and/or increasing costs
  • Limited migration support
  • Maintenance costs not in line with the support received
  • Migrating to an unproven new platform
  • Customers that elect to switch to the Boomi Integration Platform will be working with a powerful, proven product that has been used by hundreds of companies. It helps customers by providing:

Proven Gentran migration tools: Boomi has successfully converted many Gentran customers to the Boomi Integration Platform.

  • Reduced costs: Boomi's powerful process designer requires no coding and no software developers, reducing customer costs to deploy a fully-functional EDI solution.
  • Fast implementation: New customers can be up and running in days, not weeks.
  • Certified solution: Boomi supports all major transport protocols.

Companies interested in learning more about this offer should call (800) 732-3602 and press option '1' to speak to a Boomi representative.

About Boomi Software

Boomi Software improves the efficiency and effectiveness of mid-size businesses by enabling B2B, application and data integration in one easy-to-deploy, simple-to-use product. Boomi's unique visual integration approach allows users to design and build powerful configurations to handle a broad range of integration needs with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease. Boomi's integration projects are up and running in weeks, not months, and do not require any programming resources. Backed by its extraordinary support services, customers quickly see the benefit of their investment in Boomi. For more information about Boomi Software, visit .