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ACI Electronics selects Boomi Incorporated's Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration platform

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - (03/31/2005) ACI Electronics, a distributor of electronic components, selected Boomi Incorporated's Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration platform. ACI chose the Boomi platform over their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor's product because they simply could not compete with Boomi's features and price.

As ACI Chief Information Officer Doug Suhler said, "Boomi is the most robust integration platform we've found. It exceeds the capabilities of our ERP vendor's solution and is a better value." Boomi's graphical interface and process modeling tools made the initial ramp-up time much shorter than the other products ACI evaluated. A document was mapped and ready for processing within a few hours of installing the software. Suhler went on to state that "We were looking for a solution flexible enough to work with our existing systems and powerful enough to grow with us."

ACI Electronics chose Boomi's dual-server Enterprise B2B Integration Platform along with the Electronic Data Interchange x12 (EDI x12) and Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) customizable components. The Boomi Integration Platform provides for the fully automated management of business processes between trading partners, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce expenses in the supply chain. By adding the EDI x12 standards support and AS2 protocol support, ACI Electronics ensured that they had current and secure communications options for their B2B needs.

Built using Java technology and a queue-based architecture, the Boomi Integration Platform offers automated failover, scalability and load balancing features, which can be tailored to individual enterprise requirements. The Boomi Integration Platform is built to provide guaranteed data persistence, integrity and message delivery.

About ACI Electronics:

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, ACI Electronics is an authorized distributor of electronic components for the military, aerospace, and commercial industries. The services ACI Electronics provides allows its customers to manage their value-added supply chain programs. For more information about ACI Electronics, please visit

About Boomi:

Boomi, Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Business Integration software. By translating data into different software formats, facilitating communication between internal and external business units, Boomi empowers its customers and partners to rapidly handle any integration requirement, resulting in time and cost savings. Headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, Boomi and its global partners provide service and support to their increasing customer base in the logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and utility industries. For more information about Boomi, call (610) 834-8730 or visit