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eBusinessReady™ Program Certifies 12 Software Products

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ - (06/19/2003) eBusinessReady™, an industry-neutral software testing program under joint partnership of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), today announced 12 software products have successfully passed interoperability testing for AS1 (Applicability Statement 1) specifications. AS1 is a specification standard that allows applications to communicate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data over the Internet using Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) or email. This enables users to connect, deliver, and reply to data securely and reliably.

The following companies passed the AS1 2Q03 interoperability test: Boomi, Inc., bTrade, inc., Classified Information, Inc., Cyclone Commerce, Hewlett-Packard, IPNet Solutions, Inc., iSoft Corporation, iWay Software, Inc., TIBCO Software Inc., Trailblazer Systems, Inc., and webMethods, Inc.

The participating products-with-version are required to exchange test messages with each other and to verify the validity of each transaction. The test messages cover the full scope of the AS1 standard, which includes digital signatures, encryption and receipts, as well as compression.

Repeated interoperability testing allows a greater number of software products to communicate seamlessly with one another. This enables supply chains to function more cost-effectively by increasing the number of interoperable software product choices. With each new round of testing, products become more mature as consensus is reached about the interpretation and implementation of each standard. The testing takes into account different scenarios so that software vendors are given the opportunity to eliminate potential "bugs" and problems in a non-competitive, vendor-neutral test environment.

"We are very pleased with the growing participation in the AS1 interoperability tests," said Rik Drummond, Chief Executive Officer of DGI. "The fact that an equally impressive number of repeat customers and newcomers have enrolled in these tests illustrates how important interoperability is becoming in a market seeking ways to boost efficiency and lower the cost of transmitting critical business data."

About eBusinessReady

eBusinessReady is an industry-neutral software testing program, under joint partnership of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), to enable vertical and horizontal interoperability across the global supply chain. For software buyers, eBusinessReady provides a valued resource for product selection and cost savings by taking the guesswork out of implementing interoperable supply chain solutions. For software vendors, eBusinessReady certifies solutions and enables companies to deliver certified interoperable products to their customers. The eBusinessReady program addresses the needs of enterprises and supply chains by providing a neutral third party test of various software solutions for interoperability and compliance.