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Philadelphia Business Journal - (10/25/2002) Excerpt from the Philadelphia Business Journal, read the entire article here.

One of their first customers was Saddle Creek Corp., a third-party logistics company based in Lakeland, Fla., that takes goods from its customers, typically consumer products companies, stores them in warehouses and ships them to stores when its customers want it to.

Woody Blaylock, Saddle Creek's chief information officer, said his company has been working with Boomi for about two years. Saddle Creek uses Boomi's software to connect its computer systems to those of its customers, as well as to each other, and to transfer data from its old systems to its new ones.

Although Boomi has plenty of competitors, none really match it head to head. Some write integration software but still send out their own consultants to customers every time the customers want some systems integrated. Others write software that integrates other platforms with whatever proprietary platform they're pushing, so you have to use that to make the product work.

Boomi just sells its products and lets customers use them, providing help if they need it.

As a result, Kopelman( co-founder, Josh Kopelman) thinks that if its products take off, Boomi will significantly reduce the amount companies spend on e-commerce-related systems integration.

"They'll shrink the B2B market," he said.

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