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Allows enterprises to set up data exchanges with trading partners and with internal applications in hours, rather than months

Conshohocken, PA - (02/01/2002) Boomi, Inc., the zero code integration company, today released the Boomi Exchange Series 2.0, the first business-to-business integration platform to simultaneously address data exchange requirements within an enterprise and outside with external trading partners.

The Boomi Exchange Series removes the complex technical challenges of business-to-business integration, saving organizations both time and money to set up internal and external data exchanges. The Boomi Exchange Series eliminates the need for custom programming, supports all data standards and allows enterprises to set up data exchanges in hours or days rather than months.

"The Boomi Exchange Series makes eBusiness a significantly more affordable option for a much broader segment of businesses," said Brian Mozhdehi, chief executive officer for Boomi. "It is the only solution designed to allow a non-technical person to implement complex data transactions end-to-end without custom programming, providing an almost immediate return on an enterprises' eBusinesses investment."

Using a wizard-based interface, business data can quickly be translated from any standard file format to any file format, such as EDI to XML or XML to SQL compliant relational databases. Using the power of the Internet, business data is exchanged with the highest level of security available today.

For automated management of electronic business relationships with trading partners, the Boomi Exchange Series includes a fully configurable suite of transaction, process management and alert utilities. These tools allow administrators to build fully audited, custom data-driven transaction flows for each defined business process. The alert utilities provide administrators with immediate notification should there be a data handling error, allowing them to proactively resolve issues.

This 2.0 release of The Boomi Exchange Series offers even greater security, increased performance and scalability, enhanced management tools for more flexible transaction configuration, more robust error resolution and data recovery utilities and improved document tracking.

The Boomi Exchange Series, Version 2.0

Customers such as eBay's and software solution developers like EXE Technologies, are reaping exponential returns with their use of the Boomi Exchange Series. "By using the Boomi Exchange Series, we are able to integrate and manage the administration of our larger seller accounts much more quickly and easily without using any internal IT resources," said Sunny Balijepalli, co-founder and vice president of technology for "In the first year alone, our use of the Exchange Server produced considerable savings."

The Exchange Series is available now for end-user applications or as a data translation and business-to-business messaging toolset for software developers from Boomi, Inc. Boomi can be reached at 610-834-8730 or through its Web site at


Boomi Exchange Series, Version 2.0: Technical Addendum

The Boomi Exchange Series consists of three main components – communication and security, data translation and transaction process management. The Boomi Exchange Series, version 2.0, adds a number of new features and enhancements, including increased performance and scalability, that allow companies to more easily manage data exchanges with trading partners and within their organizations.

Communication and Security

The Boomi Exchange Series is a powerful, multi-threaded Java-based translation and communication platform. It harnesses the power of the Internet to exchange business data using the highest level of security available. The Boomi Exchange Series can coexist with a value added network, allowing enterprises to migrate away from their use of VANs at a pace that fits their organization.

Version 2.0 adds security wizards for easier security certificate management and dial-up data communication capabilities for smaller businesses not yet using DSL or T1 Internet connections, as well as connectivity to JMS-compliant (Java Message Service) message brokers. The Boomi Exchange Series uses the following communication and security protocols:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • Pre-built connectors into any JMS-compliant messaging
    application (Including IBM MQSeries)
  • VAN or Value Added Network
  • Optional Digital Signatures using RSA algorithms
  • Security Certificate management and generation
  • Optional Symmetric Data Encryption, using DES, RC2, more
  • Secure message envelopes and data content verification

Data Translation

The Boomi Exchange Series offers fully configurable and automated tools for mapping any type of business document to a format suitable for internal applications, including SQL compliant database systems. Internal business data can be rapidly mapped to any required outgoing business document format. All standards are fully configurable to the needs of each individual trading partner. Business document standards are preloaded in the system, reducing the complexity of defining data requirements. With a comprehensive suite of advanced mapping utilities, no programming in necessary.

Version 2.0 adds full support for the EDIFACT EDI, SAP IDoc 3.xx or greater, and IBM Legacy EBCDIC file formats. This release also offers enhanced data pre-and post-processing capabilities, and data translation extensibility. The following specific data translation capabilities are provided:

  • EDI (X12 and subsets, EDIFACT)
  • XML (Rosetta Net, BizTalk, more)
  • SAP IDoc 3.xx or greater
  • Text and flat files
  • SQL Compliant relational databases
  • Data formatting
  • Mathematical operations
  • Table lookups
  • Data pre-processing

Transaction and Process Management

The Boomi Exchange Series offers fully configurable transaction, process management and alert utilities, designed to build custom, data-driven transaction and process flows for each defined business process.

Electronic business transactions are fully auditable. Error handling is facilitated by electronic mail or pager alerts, allowing administrators to proactively resolve problems.

Version 2.0 offers enhanced trading partner management for more flexible transaction configuration; real-time message queue-based exchange and transaction execution, including pre-built adapters to IBM MQSeries, advanced error resolution and data recover utilities; improved document tracking; and new configuration import/export utilities for faster deployment. Altogether, the Boomi Exchange Series fully automates electronic business relationships between trading partners, saving companies both time and money.

Supported Platforms

The Boomi Exchange Series is certified for the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Linux 6.x
  • MS Windows 2000, NT and 9x
  • Oracle 7.xx or greater
  • MS SQL Server 6.5 or greater
  • AIX 4.3.3 or greater
  • HP-UX 11.0 or greater

About Boomi

Boomi is a leading provider of integration software solutions that deliver rapid deployment capabilities to companies faced with any integration challenge. Boomi's products and services assist customers worldwide both quickly connect and integrate with trading partners and rapidly integrate internally used application software solutions. The company provides global service and support from its corporate offices in Conshohocken, PA and through its global partners. For more information about Boomi, Inc., call (610) 834-8730 or visit