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Why Partner with Dell Boomi?

Eliminate the Barriers to SaaS Integration

At Boomi, we think about the integration challenges in the SaaS and Cloud ecosystem through the eyes of the ISV and SI communities. As a result, we have developed functionality to meet the unique needs of our partners which allows them to "solve" the challenges surrounding enterprise integration on behalf of their customers. Boomi is the only integration service focusing on challenges unique to SaaS and Cloud Computing applications, such as account provisioning, productizing reusable integration processes, and scalable support across a rapidly growing customer base. Boomi's integration platform is developed, deployed, and managed as "pure SaaS" to complement the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of our partners' applications and services.

Provision and manage customer accounts

Starting at the beginning, we provide a simple way for your team to provision new AtomSphere accounts automatically, both for trial purposes as well as upon purchase. You can define exactly what the customer needs, and those capabilities will automatically be enabled in their account. As needs evolve, you can quickly handle modifications as well. For example, if your customer requests to add an additional connection to their subscription, it is as simple as logging into your partner portal, and adding the additional item to their subscription.

Collaborate to build custom integrations

Through Boomi's unique multitenancy model, your customers will be provisioned under your master account. This allows you to give your customer access to just their own integration environment for collaboration, training or handover purposes. They can have complete visibility into what you are building, at your discretion. Delivering your integration capability as a managed service? For those cases you can provide your customer with a personalized management console so they can monitor just their own integration activity, but limit the ability to log in and modify the integrations.

Productize integration processes

Integration processes can be packaged into a Boomi Widget and embedded into any website with a few lines of code. If you are an ISV or an SI, this means that your customers can set up their integrations directly from your website or inside your product. An Integration Widget is a simple web-based user interface with a wizard-style approach that allows your customer to step through the configuration and deployment of the integration that you built for them. They need only enter the options you want to provide to them, such as their login information, how often they would like the integration to run, specific options about the integration (run customer sync, but turn off opportunity conversion), etc. The entire design, setup and deployment of the Widget is completely at your control.

Manage your entire customer base from one platform

Regardless of how many customers you have, Boomi's Manage capabilities offer a centralized, web-based dashboard to manage your entire customer base, regardless of where their integration is running. This is made possible by Boomi's unique Atom architecture which provides ongoing connectivity between the Atom and our platform, regardless where that Atom resides. Because all interactions with an Atom are handled from this web application, you do not need to remote onsite to your customer’s local Atom installation. Instead, all information stored by the Atom is uploaded to you upon request.

Any user you authorize to be a member of your master partner account will be able to utilize the Account Switch functionality to switch into the account of any customer you have set up. You will then see their integration activity, and can also view their integration processes via the Build application as well.

Deploy anywhere, even your data center

Boomi provides several deployment models, and for specific use cases where you intend to connect your SaaS/Cloud application to another SaaS/Cloud application, you have the option of running the Boomi Atom's in your own data center in a clustered, high-availability deployment. This reduces the bandwidth latency of connecting to the other applications and your customer data never enters Boomi data center in this deployment model. This is also a desirable option for ISV's that have not yet built an API, as an Atom running in your data center can securely access your application via other non-public methods.

Accommodate customizations

Boomi addresses a major shortcoming of most integration solutions by dynamically managing customizations and, as a result, significantly reducing the implementation time of SaaS applications as well as updates. Customizing SaaS applications is a very easy thing to do, generally made possible via configuration versus having to write one-off code. Because of this, the vast majority of SaaS customers end up customizing their application(s). The impact is that these same customizations must be handled by the integration process as well. Rather than having to copy integrations over and over to handle customizations, like most integration solutions require, AtomSphere allows you to separate the customizations from the integration process. This means you have one copy of the integration process, and at deploy time these customizations can be implemented to extend the integration process. Now, in the future when you need to make a change to your integration process, you change it once and all customers using it are updated automatically.