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Dell Boomi AtomSphere Fall 11

The #1 Integration Cloud just got better.

AtomSphere Fall 11 includes expanded intelligence for suggesting customer-proven data maps and functions, an integrated capability for business rules, proactive customer assistance services and improved functionality for monitoring integrations and service uptime anywhere for partners and end users.

The new features simplify the move to cloud computing with easy integration via customer-proven pathways and user- and partner-friendly tools for monitoring and maintenance.

Boomi Suggest with Functions

Boomi Suggest now includes support for Mapped Functions and offers proven suggestions based on the over 13,000 indexed functions and over 50,000 data maps. With Boomi Suggest, users are averaging 68 suggested mappings and 85% of the suggestions are accepted leading to much faster configuration of integrations.

Business Rules

Business Rules offer integrated, easy-to-use support to orchestrate complex multi-step conditional rules and logic in integration workflows. This idea was requested by the AtomSphere community.

"The new business rules enhancement to AtomSphere Fall 11 allows us to isolate rules and make centralized changes that can be applied across integrations simultaneously. This feature helped us avoid investing in separate business rules software along with related resources, training and development costs, saving Enterprise Business Partners well over $100,000."

Pradip Sitaram
SVP / CIO Information Technology, Enterprise Business Partners

Partner Dashboard

Through the multi-tenant architecture, partners can now view all their customers’ integrations from a single screen and immediately act on problems and monitor performance trends.


The enhanced now features traction and growth metrics for increased transparency.

"We run our business almost entirely in the cloud, so transparency from our cloud vendors is critical. The new site delivers a new level of operational reliability and great insight into AtomSphere’s growth. Having access to this data increases our confidence in Dell Boomi’s ability to scale to meet our growing needs."

Stephen Baumer
CTO, GoPro

Predictive Assistance

Customer usage metrics are now integrated into Dell Boomi’s support system and facilitate proactive client outreach when metrics indicate engagement is recommended. Predictive Assistance fosters an improved return on investment for integration platform investment versus traditional middleware via analytics-driven proactive communication.

"In THINKstrategies’ view, the most fascinating new feature in Boomi’s latest release is its Predictive Assistance capability which integrates customer usage metrics into Boomi’s support system to permit its client care team to deliver more proactive services, such as active training or other client outreach when data flows reach particular thresholds. This new capability enables client care to better predict their customers’ needs."

Jeff Kaplan
Founder & Managing Director, THINKstrategies