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NetSuite Integration Guidebook

Read this guidebook for tips and best practices to successfully automate business processes across NetSuite and any combination of other applications with iPaaS. You’ll learn:
• How to identify common business processes that can benefit from integration
• Why iPaaS is the most scalable way to extend the NetSuite platform
• Simple ways to evaluate iPaaS vendors and system integrators by asking the right questions

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Integration

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Integration Guidebook

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Platform has the potential to put actionable Business Intelligence into the hands of business users. However, users will likely face several data integration and data quality issues in the process. Read this guidebook to see how to easily overcome those challenges with an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It covers helpful topics, such as:
• Common Salesforce Analytics Cloud business processes that benefit from iPaaS
• Using iPaaS to address integration challenges
• Evaluating an iPaaS vendor
• Creating an integration project implementation checklist

Top five reasons

Top five reasons Dell Boomi’s multi-purpose PaaS is right for your company

Top five reasons Dell Boomi’s multi-purpose PaaS is right for your company

Salesforce Integration Guidebook

Salesforce Integration Guidebook

This guidebook provides a roadmap for companies seeking to automate business processes that can benefit from Salesforce application integration, to better connect the data that runs the business and to build better relationships with customers.

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

As organizations increasingly adopt the cloud, directors of integration must enable integration across on-premises and cloud applications and data sources.

This Magic Quadrant evaluates providers of cloud-based integration platforms designed primarily, but not exclusively, to tackle this challenge.

How iPaaS Supports Today’s Hybrid IT Environments

How iPaaS Supports Today’s Hybrid IT Environments

As cloud-based application adoption gains traction in enterprises around the world, the questions IT managers are facing is

  • How to connect new technology and existing technology?
  • How to connect cloud applications and data with their on-premises legacy systems, also called hybrid IT?
  • What are the benefits of cloud application integration?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating hybrid IT?

The Promise of Cloud Integration: The Cloud ISV’s Trusted Partner

The maturation of Cloud ISVs has led directly to the growing trust of enterprise buyers. Today it is not whether, but when they will buy a Cloud solution and which one it will be. Choice has increased in every category of solution and, consequently, buyers can afford to be more selective. One of the most important attributes of an attractive Cloud solution is the ease of its integration with other solutions in the buyer's portfolio.

Automating Key Business Processes with NetSuite ERP & Salesforce CRM

Automating Key Business Processes with NetSuite ERP & Salesforce CRM

Ask yourself:

  • Do your employees spend significant time re-entering and maintaining customer and order information in multiple systems?
  • Are order details such as requested products or services, pricing, and quantities frequently incorrect?
  • Does confusion ever arise regarding customer status or financial standing?
  • Would your Sales and Support teams benefit from having a single dashboard of complete customer data to answer status and billing inquiries from customers?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, your organization may want to consider integrating NetSuite ERP with Salesforce CRM. But how do you get started and avoid the pitfalls that will slow down time to value? Complete the form on the right side of this screen to immediately download the Cloud Integration Best Practices Whitepaper, "Automating Key Business Processes with NetSuite ERP & Salesforce CRM" for the answers.

MDM in the Cloud

Master Data Management in the Cloud: Dell Software releases Dell Boomi MDM

In March 2013, Dell Software launched its comprehensive master data management solution, Dell Boomi MDM. Dell Boomi MDM delivers a full set of master data features and capabilities in a single cloud-based solution. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) Impact Brief covers the announcement and identifies the introduction as enabling the important area of master data management for Information Technology (IT) resource constrained businesses such as mid-sized organizations and large companies.

Right Data, Right Place, Real-time

Right Data, Right Place, Real-time

Everyone in business knows that inconsistent and inaccurate data costs money. Workarounds and make-do solutions have kept a lid on the problem, but as more and more systems get connected up, the cost of inaction is escalating. Today, fast-moving businesses need the right data in the right place and in real-time to remain competitive and stay agile. The good news is that a new generation of cloud-based master data management (MDM) technology fixes the root cause of inconsistent data silos without the high cost and labor overheads of traditional MDM solutions.