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Integration Strategies for ISVs, Part 1

Integration Strategies for ISVs, Part 1

Whether you are a new to the SaaS arena or perhaps rethinking your current integration strategy, this two-part series of whitepapers will help you to understand the shifting landscape of SaaS integration, identify what your options are to address the integration imperative and select the integration strategy most appropriate for your business.

Taking Enterprise Application Integration Into The Cloud

Taking Enterprise Application Integration Into The Cloud

If you’re like a lot of CIOs, you’ve been in this business a long time and have pretty much seen it all. From mainframe to midrange to client-server to ASP and everything in between. It’s hard not to look at SaaS and cloud computing as just another fad.

Build vs. Buy

SaaS Integration: Build vs. Buy?

It seems seductively simple. You’ve just purchased a SaaS application and you need to integrate it with one or more of your core systems. Why not just build the integration yourself?

The Quest for a Cloud Integration Strategy

Historically, enterprise-wide integration and its countless business benefits have only been available to large companies due to the high costs of purchasing and implementing integration solutions. Fortunately, the development of SaaS applications has leveled the playing field in terms of affordability but it has also changed the integration game significantly, due to the unique characteristics of the model itself.