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API Management

With many critical business applications moving to the cloud, and the number of endpoints growing exponentially because of social media, mobile devices, applications, cloud and Internet of Things, your business faces an ever-growing number of APIs—which you must govern and manage effectively. Dell Boomi’s multi-purpose Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers a comprehensive platform for enterprise data management—composed of AtomSphere Integration, Master Data Management (MDM) and API Management.

On a single, seamless platform that provides a consistent look and feel, Dell Boomi integrates your best-of-breed cloud and on-premises applications while giving you the ability to create, publish and manage APIs throughout the full API lifecycle.

  • Create and publish any endpoint as an API
  • Deploy APIs on-premises or in the cloud
  • Use versioning to effectively control APIs throughout the lifecycle
  • Centrally manage and monitor web services
  • Enjoy economies of skill for increased developer productivity
  • Accelerate time to value and reduce total cost of ownership

Delivering API Management for Cloud or On-Premises Applications
The Dell Boomi API Management service is 100 percent cloud-based, offering businesses faster implementation and shorter time to value, as well as lower upfront costs and total cost of ownership (TCO). You’ll have a centralized location to manage all of your APIs, no matter how your APIs are created, whether with AtomSphere or not. You also have flexibility and agility to choose where APIs are deployed—on premises or in the cloud—with the same capabilities regardless of deployment location.

Dell Boomi API Management addresses three key activities that are critical to API Management: the ability to create, publish and manage APIs.

Create - Create APIs from new or existing Boomi integration processes with full lifecycle management (versioning) through a visual interface that requires no coding.

Publish - Publish APIs on-premises or in the cloud with comprehensive security capabilities and multiple authentication options.

Manage - Centrally manage your API environment through traffic control and monitoring dashboards.

While Dell Boomi has long offered API Management capabilities as part of AtomSphere, the Dell Boomi API Management service provides the functionality to support the needs of your organization, such as:

• API gateway functionality: provide a centralized, consistent method for authentication and accessibility for enterprise services.
• Legacy data modernization: unlock legacy application data via web services for easy consumption.
• Expanded services scope: extend the reach of enterprise information and services to business constituents such as vendors, customers.
• Mobile: enable mobile applications through integration of disparate back-end services and provide data through lightweight APIs.
• Internet of Things: provide a secure and scalable approach to analyze and act on real-time information on connected devices.

With integration, API management and MDM on the same platform, Dell Boomi makes it possible for customers to move, manage and govern data using a single interface, increasing productivity and reducing complexity.