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Compellent and Dell combine their channel registration programs using Boomi AtomSphere

“The IT team was able to integrate the two different sales systems in only half the time it could have taken using traditional methods. The custom work involved in this project required highly flexible technology.” — Shawna Blake, IT Project Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions


Companies that depend on channel partners for a portion of their sales do all that they can to support those partners. That includes maintaining a deal registration program to secure pricing and ensure exclusive sales support to help negotiate sales. Without providing that assistance to partners, a company could find itself offering different sales terms through different partners to the same customer.

Dell understands the need for partner support very well, and saw a challenge ahead when it acquired Compellent, a leading storage technology provider. At the time of the acquisition, the companies had separate registration programs: the Dell system was based on the Salesforce® customer relationship management (CRM) application while the Compellent system was based on different software. If Dell kept the two different deal registration systems running in parallel, there would not be a “single version of the truth.” The company would have no way to properly manage all the registration requests and ensure fairness to the channel.

“We needed to ensure that we could funnel all deal registration requests through a single platform as quickly as possible without disrupting all the downstream departments, tools, and functionality that existed for both organizations,” says Sean Phelan, executive director for mergers and acquisition sales integration at Dell. “In particular, it was critical to keep data flowing to provide the real-time, ondemand business intelligence and 24/7 online quoting that Compellent offers to its channel partners.”

Creating a custom integration from the ground up using traditional integration software would have been too expensive and taken too much time. “It would have required hundreds of person-hours,” says Shawna Blake, IT project manager for mergers and acquisitions at Dell. “Whether we outsourced the work or increased our own integration team workload, it would have been costly.”


The ideal solution to this challenge was provided by Dell Boomi, another company recently acquired by Dell. Dell™ Boomi AtomSphere® is an application integration platform that simplifies integration between the CRM and other popular applications. While traditional integration requires connecting applications through time-consuming software coding, AtomSphere provides connectors that require no coding and are ready to configure.

The element that makes integration possible is the Dell Boomi Atom®, a lightweight, dynamic runtime engine that includes all of the components required to execute an integration process. The self-contained Dell Boomi Atoms can be deployed “in the cloud” for software-as-a-service (SaaS)-to-SaaS integration or behind a company’s firewall for SaaS-to–on-premises application integration.


  • Shortened integration time-to-value by up to 50 percent -“The IT team was able to integrate the two different sales systems in only half the time it could have taken using traditional methods. The custom work involved in this project required highly flexible technology,” says Blake.
  • Lowered solution total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 25 percent -The IT team estimates that using Boomi instead of traditional software coding has reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of the integration solution by at least 25 percent.
  • Strengthened data security - The Dell IT team also appreciates the data security provided by Dell Boomi AtomSphere. With AtomSphere, data never passes through the Boomi platform. It passes only through the Atom runtime engine located in the cloud or in the customer’s own infrastructure, so Dell can select where the data flows.
  • Strengthening customer and channel relationships - By capitalizing on automation capabilities in Salesforce CRM and aligning their sales efforts, Dell and Compellent have increased the efficiency of their sales teams.

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