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Join the Boomi AtomSphere network and you can begin creating integration processes immediately using our intuitive visual design interface and access to a library of pre-built connectors and processes. Using familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop techniques, you can build very simple to very sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed. And as the AtomSphere community expands, an increasing number of connectors and process maps are already built and ready for your use, making the job of connecting new applications quick and painless.

  • Connect to any combination of Cloud and on-premise applications.
  • Simple wizards for browsing application schemas.
  • Access to hundreds of best-of-breed applications and data sources.

Self-Service Integration – Fast!

With Boomi AtomSphere you will achieve unprecedented implementation speeds that are just not possible with software packages, hardware appliances, or custom coding. Using only your web browser, you can sign up, log in and then build and deploy your integrations at whatever pace you require. There is no waiting for shipments to arrive, setting up databases, long downloads, or learning complex API’s. Instead you implement your own integrations in 3 easy steps.

Build – Using the AtomSphere library of connectors and processes as a starting point, you can efficiently design visual integration maps and load your processes into a lightweight dynamic run-time engine called an “Atom”.

Deploy – Push your Atoms to the AtomSphere for integration with SaaS, PaaS, or Cloud-based applications. Or you can deploy your Atom for integration with on-premise applications – including those applications located behind your firewall.

Manage – Maintain and monitor the status of all your deployed Atoms and integrations processes regardless of location, using a feature-rich, web-based dashboard.

Enterprise Integration Capabilities Without the Hassle

Boomi AtomSphere delivers enterprise-class integration capabilities without the complexity. Complete application integration requires a lot more than just “data mapping”. Boomi AtomSphere delivers high-end integration capabilities such as content-based routing, process flow control, exception handling, and messaging that take you well beyond just data mapping. Using our Visual Integration TechnologySM, we take care of the complexity that would typically require developers: deciphering complex APIs, developing web services, deploying SOAP or REST technology, or even deploying a service oriented architecture (SOA). It’s all handled through one simple to use, visual interface.

  • Workflow - Imagine if designing and building an integration process were as simple as drawing on a whiteboard? Using our visual process designer, users drag and drop icons on to a “canvas” and connect them together to build an integration process workflow. Each icon is then configured with its specific business rules or execution logic. Once configured, the workflow is ready to run. That’s it. No compiling code, no developing web services, no complex application servers to deploy.
  • Application Connectors - Boomi AtomSphere offers pre-built connectors for many common SaaS applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, Intacct, and SmartTurn, as well as applications running on-premise such as Microsoft Dynamics, the Sage MAS family, SAP, Oracle, Intuit and many others. See our complete list of supported applications.
  • Pre-built integration processes – All Boomi AtomSphere users gain access to our library of common integrations for popular SaaS and on-premise applications. If you choose to develop your own processes, you can save your work to the library for re-use and repurposing. This means never having to solve the same problem twice and you will have an immediate collection of process “best practices”. Or, you can choose share your process maps with the entire Boomi AtomSphere ecosystem. You can even set up a sub-community of just your customers and partners to control exactly when and how your integration library is used.
  • Data Mapping - Easily map data fields between applications with Boomi’s powerful suggestion engine—Boomi Suggest™—leveraging the collective intelligence of the Boomi Community to accurately and automatically suggest common mappings. Boomi AtomSphere also makes it simple to transform data from one format to another as part of the workflow. Once again, using a simple but powerful drag and drop interface, you can quickly create simple or complex data transformations from your web browser. Transform structured data formats such as XML, database data, and simple or complex flat files. Field-level transformations are handled with ease using a vast library of functions. Can’t find a function to suit your needs? Leverage Boomi’s powerful function builder to create and reuse your own functions to solve specific business logic requirements.
  • Affordability - By delivering integration services on-demand and assembling the largest interconnected network of applications, partners and SaaS vendors, Boomi is radically redefining the economics of purchasing and deploying integration capabilities. As a Boomi AtomSphere subscriber you pay by connection and not for an entire integration software suite. Monthly subscription pricing is based on the number of connections deployed, where each application integrated counts as one connection.

Change Happens — Make Sure Your Integration Can Keep Up

  • Centralized Management - Regardless of where your integration processes are running, you will always manage them centrally using Boomi AtomSphere. From modifying setup to viewing the integration process execution history, your only requirement is an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • One-to-Many Deployment- For scenarios where common integration requirements exist across multiple geographies (for example in a grocery store chain or a furniture retailer), Boomi AtomSphere provides the unique ability to setup and maintain one integration process that can be deployed to an unlimited number locations. This eliminates the need to build and deploy common integration processes over and over again.
  • Easy Updating – When a change is made to an application that affects all of your integration processes, Boomi AtomSphere enables you to make the change once, and deploy the change to all Atoms in one step. In addition, a single integration process can be deployed across multiple Atoms to increase processing capacity and greatly accelerate execution times.