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How Can We Help? Training, Support, Consulting.

With our training, support and consulting resources, you can accelerate implementation, reduce time-to-proficiency with the Dell Boomi platform, and ensure the success of your business-to-business (B2B) application and data integration initiatives.

Our training curriculum includes classroom training at Dell Boomi’s training facility, on-site instruction at client locations, remote instructor-led training and self-service options.

  • Classroom training at Dell Boomi: Our live, interactive classes focus on real business scenarios and Dell Boomi best practices. Classroom training is relevant for novice users and advanced developers and is the fastest, most thorough way to build your integration skill set.
  • Remote training: We provide remote training options offered in a public class setting.
  • Custom training: A Dell Boomi Certified Instructor will work with your staff to develop custom courses and deliver them remotely or in-person at your facility.
  • Self-service training:Dell Boomi customers have on-demand access to a growing library of recorded training sessions, tutorials, and fully configured integration's.

Participants in our training programs may also take a series of AtomSphere Developer Certification exams, which focus on the process building, deployment, and management features currently available in our AtomSphere platform. These certification exams attest to mastery of the skills required for various types of process development.

Learn more about our current training classes:

Integration Development Classes:

Integration Administration Classes:

Integration Architect Classes:

MDM Classes:

The Boomi Integration Certification Exam offers proof of your process development expertise. As we grow our community of knowledgeable users, you’ll be able to contribute to the rapidly evolving world of cloud integration and help advance the development of the AtomSphere Integration Cloud and Partner Network.

As the program grows, more exam options will be available, and we encourage you to showcase your skillsets through our community.

Boomi Integration Developer I Certification Exam
Boomi Integration Developer II Certification Exam
Boomi Integration Developer I & II (combined) Certification Exam


Register for the Certification Exam by clicking the Self Service Registration link for the exam and paying the user fee. If you complete a Dell Boomi training class, your fee will be waived and you’ll receive a link to a free registration for the Certification Exam.

After registering, you’ll receive a Welcome email with exam access information. You’ll have 30 days to access your AtomSphere trial account and the CertificationExam. Once you start taking the exam, you must complete it within the time limit.

For more details on our Certification Exams, read our Certification FAQs

Support Offerings

To accommodate your application integration and data management needs, Dell Boomi provides three levels of support: Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus.

  • Standard—Standard support is included at no charge with all Dell Boomi subscriptions.
  • Premier—Premier support is available for Professional, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition customers. The cost of Premier support is 25 percent of the total annual subscription price, including extra data source connections, add-ons, and upgrades.
  • Premier Plus—Premier Plus support is available only to Enterprise and Enterprise Plus edition customers. The cost of Premier Plus support is 35 percent of the total annual subscription price ($25,000 annual minimum).

Severity 1—When Production Goes Down

If production goes down, nobody wants to quibble about service level agreements. That’s why, regardless of your support package, Severity 1 issues receive a 1-hour response, 24/7 from our on-call team, which is notified immediately.

Boomi Standard

Response Time Business Hours Phone Support Email Support Chat Support Case Management
Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7 Defined by region No Yes No 15/year
Severity 2-4: 2 business days

Boomi 24/7, toll-free phone support covers only Severity 1 issues (production down). If we find that an issue is not Severity 1, we will handle it according to the Dell Boomi Service Description for Standard Support, which is two business days. Please keep in mind that there is no guaranteed response time for support cases submitted via email. If your need for managed support cases exceeds 15 in a year, you may purchase additional cases in blocks of five for $1,300.

Boomi Premier

Response Time Business Hours Phone Support Email Support Chat Support Case Management
Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7 Defined by region Yes Yes Yes Unlimited
Severity 2-4: 8 business hours

As a Boomi Premier customer, you may open any level of support case by phone. And you may use Live Chat to discuss general issues related to the integration platform. But Boomi 24/7, toll-free phone support covers only Severity 1 issues (production down). If we find that an issue is not Severity 1, we will handle it according to the Dell Boomi Service Description for Premier Support, which is eight business hours. Please keep in mind that there is no guaranteed response time for support cases submitted via email.

Boomi Premier Plus

Response Time Business Hours Phone Support Email Support Chat Support Case Management
Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7 24/5
Sunday 5pm ET – Friday 8pm ET
Yes Yes Yes Unlimited
Severity 2-4: 4 business hours

As a Boomi Premier Plus customer, you can take advantage of our 24/5 extended business hours to trouble shoot or discuss platform issues in real time using Live Chat or by phone. Please keep in mind that Boomi 24/7, toll-free support covers only Severity 1 issues (production down). If we find that an issue is not Severity 1, we will handle it according to the Dell Boomi Service Description for Premier Plus Support, which is four business hours. And remember, there is no guaranteed response time for support cases submitted via email.

The Dell Boomi Support Portal

All support activities begin in our portal, which includes a variety of resources that can help you answer product questions and resolve some support issues without opening a support case. These resources include:

  • A complete Boomi product reference guide that describes product features and functions
  • User forums where you can submit product questions and receive prompt feedback from the Boomi user community and the Boomi support team. User forums are a valuable source of information about real-world integration issues.
  • A process library that features sample processes and integration scenarios, best practices, and tutorials to help you start building integrations right away

When you need additional assistance, you can open a support case directly from the portal. There’s no limit to the number of users who can open cases. And, we won’t waste your time with non-technical staff. You’re communicating with an expert immediately. Our support team features:

  • Platform experts in B2B application and data integration
  • One support analyst for the life of your case
  • Technical engineers for faster resolution

You’ll also benefit from Dell Boomi’s Predictive Assistance service, which covers all Dell Boomi customers at no charge. With Predictive Assistance, our support system automatically incorporates and analyzes your usage metrics, enabling our Customer Success Team to identify potential issues and suggest ways in which you could increase ROI from your Boomi implementation.

The Dell Boomi professional services team offers expertise in integration development and best practices. We can advise your organization at critical implementation checkpoints, deliver a complete, production-ready integration, or provide custom training for your IT staff. Working with our consultants, you’ll gain confidence, knowing that your implementation will succeed.

With Dell Boomi consulting, you can:

  • Reduce time-to-value through faster implementation
  • Improve integration design
  • Avoid costly rework
  • Identify additional opportunities to increase ROI

Our consultants can help your organization with:

  • Architectural design and validation
  • Process development
  • On-site or remote JumpStarts
  • Team augmentation
  • Best practices review

Our engagement models are flexible so please contact us to learn more.

Dell Boomi JumpStart Packages

The 5-day JumpStart program offers a unique experience, as it takes a hybrid approach to training and consulting. One of our highly skilled integration experts will travel to your facility and work hand-in-hand with a team of your IT and integration specialists. After your team is trained on our platform, they will be guided through a pilot project of your choice that fits your unique business objectives. Included in the 5-day program is a 3-day Integration Developer I training session, which enables your team to become Boomi Integration Developer Level 1 Certified.

JumpStart packages are by far our most popular consulting engagements. Your team gains invaluable experience by building the foundation of an integration process that fits your business objectives while receiving hands-on training and assistance. Contact us to learn more about Dell Boomi JumpStart packages.

Dell Boomi Delivery Assurance Program (DAP)

Delivered by our services team, Dell Boomi Delivery Assurance Program (DAP) helps ensure your organization's successful deployment of Dell Boomi AtomSphere. DAP ensures your organization receives the appropriate architecture and process guidance at critical stages of your AtomSphere implementation. Get details on our Delivery Assurance Program.

Beyond Support: Customer Success

We want the Dell Boomi platform to help your business perform better. So that’s why in addition to great support, training and consulting, we offer a team dedicated to just that—your success. Here’s how we help.

  1. Predictive Assistance
  2. With our Predictive Assistance technology we can see the overall health of our entire customer population, and whether an individual customer—like you—is having an issue that we can help resolve. It’s all part of how we help Dell Boomi customers increase their ROI from our platform.

  3. Support Monitoring
  4. Almost everyone needs support at some time. But consistently heavy support usage generally indicates deeper issues. We monitor support activity and reach out to customers whose support history suggests they may benefit from additional product functionality, training, or free online resources they may be unaware of.

  5. Support Case Escalation
  6. In particularly complex support cases that are proving hard to resolve, you may request case escalation via the Customer Success team. We can coordinate the resources and efforts of the support and consulting groups and guide the case to a positive outcome.

  7. Customer Account Reviews
  8. We offer you one free technical account review each year, which is conducted via web conference. These reviews are an excellent opportunity to increase your understanding of the Boomi platform and explore ways in which Boomi can further support your business. And you don’t need to worry about scheduling. We’ll reach out to you.

  9. Elite TLC Program
  10. Dell Boomi Enterprise Edition customers are automatically enrolled in our Elite TLC Program, which helps members achieve and maintain successful Dell Boomi implementations. Elite TLC members receive priority case management, enhanced monitoring of account usage, and quarterly check-in calls to review the overall health of their Dell Boomi accounts.

    Our team makes it a priority to know your business so we can make recommendations to improve implementation performance. We’ll introduce you to new product features and guide you to successful adoption and use. And we address any outstanding issues that you may have with support or consulting. With the Elite TLC program, you always have an advocate within Dell Boomi.

For more information regarding Boomi’s services and support offerings, please complete the form below and a representative from our sales department will be in touch.


Integration Developer I

Learn to build solutions for common IT business cases using AtomSphere. Register now.

Integration Developer II

Expand your skills and use advanced AtomSphere features for integration. Register now.

Integration Developer I & II

Attend a class combining Integration Developer I and II. Register now.

Integration Developer I & II – Onsite

Attend a class combining Integration Developer I and II at Dell Boomi's headquarters. Register now.

Integration Developer EDI

Understand basic X12 and trading partner integration with this one-day EDI class. Register now.

Integration Administrator I

Get an overview of the Dell Boomi administrator role. Register now.

Integration Architect I

Learn AtomSphere best practices for integration developers and architects. Register now.