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Boomi for Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Pull data from any source—cloud or on-premises—into Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Dell Boomi AtomSphere®, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), enables the connection of any combination of data sources—whether they are cloud-based or on-premises, pulled in batches or in real-time—from anywhere and at any time. AtomSphere provides Salesforce Analytics Cloud customers with access to the analytics they need by removing integration obstacles, allowing them to focus on making data-driven business decisions.

Dell Boomi MDM is next-generation master data management designed to combine MDM with data quality and data integration in a single cloud platform. Together, AtomSphere and MDM bring business-critical data into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud platform when it’s needed—on a regular schedule or in real-time—while ensuring that business insight is always based on high-quality, high-value data from across the organization.

Why Dell Boomi AtomSphere for Analytics Cloud?

Salesforce expertise

  • Dell Boomi works closely with and Salesforce System Integrators to make our joint customers successful. Customers include Novartis, LinkedIn,Kelly-Moore Paints and more.
  • Dell Boomi’s Salesforce connectors are among the most popular, with more than 1,200 paid connectors in use, and counting.

Real-time data integration across any number and combination of sources—anywhere, any time
The Dell Boomi platform enables:

  • Data integration when you need it—in real-time or batches.
  • Integration of any number and combination of cloud and on-premises applications, including Salesforce applications such as ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Radian 6 and more—all with no need for software, appliances, or coding.
  • Simple monitoring and management from anywhere, at any time.

Data quality
Business intelligence through analytics is only possible if the data from all sources can be matched, cleansed and rolled into a “golden record."

  • Querying across data sources requires data matching. Dell Boomi MDM provides data matching.
  • Garbage in, garbage out. Data from multiple sources is often incomplete, outdated or otherwise inadequate. Dell Boomi MDM provides data quality.
  • Golden records. Dell Boomi MDM can create golden records and update all integrated application with the golden record information automatically.

Crowd-sourced best practices
Unique to Dell Boomi, our user community and single-instance, multi-tenant architecture make it possible to leverage the crowd-sourced intelligence of the community to provide innovation and value for all users through the following crowdsourcing features:

  • Boomi Suggest
  • Boomi Assure
  • Boomi Resolve

Dell Boomi is trusted by, customers and analysts

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