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NetSuite Integration

Easily integrate NetSuite with Boomi AtomSphere® to reduce data errors, minimize IT expenditures, and realize their goal of having fully integrated businesses. Whether connecting the SaaS and on-premises applications from various lines of business or across geographies, AtomSphere is the centralized platform to deliver enterprise grade integration with all of the cost savings benefits you would expect from a SaaS solution.

Extend NetSuite’s vision of a fully integrated business throughout the enterprise on a single platform.

Subscribe to AtomSphere and simplify the migration of data from legacy systems to NetSuite. Following completion of that process, users can easily build additional processes to integrate the enterprise from end-to-end and benefit from the ability to collaborate with and extend NetSuite data throughout the organization.

Boomi AtomSphere offers configurable options to ensure that customer data is accurate and not duplicated regardless of access point. You can set event-driven triggers and synchronize data in near real-time (as frequently as every 1 minute) to ensure that you have the right customer information exactly when you need it. And AtomSphere’s drag-and-drop interface enables NetSuite power users to design a custom integration process based on unique business process logic and rules.

Examples of business processes that can be automated in real-time between NetSuite and other applications:

  • EDI
  • Two-tier ERP
  • Opportunities Won to order generated in NetSuite
  • Opportunities Won to invoice in NetSuite
  • Migrate data from legacy systems to NetSuite
  • Synch product catalogs between CRM and NetSuite
  • E-commerce website orders to NetSuite
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Enterprise Integration Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Drag and drop workflow — no coding required
  • Support for simple to complex business logic
  • Simple wizards for browsing applications
  • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Any-to-any data transformation
  • Industry certified security model
  • Ability to build your own connectors

Build, Deploy, and Manage Atoms™ Directly from the Web

  • No software or appliances to install or maintain
  • On-demand access to integration platform
  • Instantly deploy anywhere in the world
  • Native collaboration with partners/customers
  • Elegant behind-the-firewall connectivity
  • Full-featured dashboard
  • Centralized management of all integration activity
  • Full-featured, no-risk trial — on-demand

Real SaaS for Real SaaS Integration

  • Fastest time to value
  • No software or appliances
  • On-demand “per connection” pricing
  • Low maintenance solution to frequent SaaS releases & updates
  • On-demand zero-footprint deployment option

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