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Boomi for RightNow Integration

Boomi AtomSphere® enables RightNow users to synchronize customer data stored in various business applications in order to analyze and respond to customer-facing issues faster and strengthen customer relationships. And RightNow users can integrate data between RightNow CX and cloud-based or on-premises business applications – creating a unified view into customer data from several sources, including order management, billing and ERP.

Connect RightNow CX with Best-of-Breed Business Apps to Unify Customer Data & Increase Productivity

RightNow CX helps companies to manage and maximize the customer experience across all potential touch points, including the Web, social networks and customer contact centers. By aligning customer data from all sources through RightNow CX, companies can assure that agents have the most accurate, up-to-date information to streamline the customer interaction process and improve the overall experience and results. Boomi AtomSphere provides that universal access and data synchronization through RightNow CX, across multiple data sources and applications.

Improve the Customer Experience:

  • Create real-time sharing of data between RightNow and back-end Financial Solutions
  • Improve first call resolution with integration to order history databases
  • Increase visibility across the enterprise by synching RightNow cases with SFA solutions
  • Streamline customer feedback by sharing data between RightNow and Bug Tracking systems
  • Shorten implementation time by migrating data from legacy systems into RightNow
  • Integrate RightNow Customer database with multiple contact systems
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Enterprise Integration Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Drag and drop workflow — no coding required
  • Support for simple to complex business logic
  • Simple wizards for browsing applications
  • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Any-to-any data transformation
  • Industry certified security model
  • Ability to build your own connectors

Build, Deploy, and Manage Atoms™ Directly from the Web

  • No software or appliances to install or maintain
  • On-demand access to integration platform
  • Instantly deploy anywhere in the world
  • Native collaboration with partners/customers
  • Elegant behind-the-firewall connectivity
  • Full-featured dashboard
  • Centralized management of all integration activity
  • Full-featured, no-risk trial — on-demand

Real SaaS for Real SaaS Integration

  • Fastest time to value
  • No software or appliances
  • On-demand “per connection” pricing
  • Low maintenance solution to frequent SaaS releases & updates
  • On-demand zero-footprint deployment option

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The RightNow and Boomi relationship helps our clients leverage disparate data to provide customers with consistently high quality service, while minimizing the strain on IT and cost of integration.

David Vap, Chief Solutions Officer, RightNow Technologies


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