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Boomi for Taleo Integration

Boomi AtomSphere® enables Taleo users to seamlessly synthesize and leverage employee information across business processes and geographic locations. Unfortunately for many organizations, employee information resides in disparate data sources and is highly inconsistent with regard to formatting and updating. AtomSphere is the centralized platform that can deliver enterprise wide HR integration with all of the cost savings and benefits you would expect from a SaaS solution.

Extend Taleo throughout your business and share the power of having a unified and up-to-date view of human capital information.

Subscribe to AtomSphere to quickly integrate your HR information with partners, service providers, backend systems, data warehouses, HR portals and across geographic locations.

Boomi AtomSphere offers configurable easy-to-use integration tools that ensure that Taleo-driven HR information is accurate and up-to-date regardless of functional area or geographic location.

Examples of business processes that can be automated in real-time between Taleo and other applications:

  • Payroll Automation – Integrate employee salary and compensation information from Taleo to your payroll system and reduce the high error rates associated with duplicate data entry.
  • Benefits Administration – Connect HR information from Taleo with 3rd party benefits administrators and streamline your on-boarding process.
  • Employee Management – Sync candidate and employee information from your Talent Management System to your HRIS/ ERP.
  • Legacy Data Migrations – Migrate data from legacy HR systems to Taleo in batch or a one-time event with a seamless and secure solution.
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Enterprise Integration Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Drag and drop workflow — no coding required
  • Support for simple to complex business logic
  • Simple wizards for browsing applications
  • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Any-to-any data transformation
  • Industry certified security model
  • Ability to build your own connectors

Build, Deploy, and Manage Atoms™ Directly from the Web

  • No software or appliances to install or maintain
  • On-demand access to integration platform
  • Instantly deploy anywhere in the world
  • Native collaboration with partners/customers
  • Unique behind-the-firewall connectivity
  • Full-featured dashboard
  • Centralized management of all integration activity
  • Full-featured, no-risk trial — on-demand

Real SaaS for Real SaaS Integration

  • Fastest time to value
  • No software or appliances
  • On-demand “per connection” pricing
  • Low maintenance solution to frequent SaaS releases & updates
  • On-demand zero-footprint deployment option

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Taleo and Boomi both strive to provide SMBs with the best tools possible to achieve their business goals – without breaking the bank. Our customers will now have access to powerful integration capabilities without the headache and expense associated with implementing complex integration solutions.

Jason Blessing, Group Vice President, Taleo


On Demand Introduction to Boomi AtomSphere®